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TV Asia covers IFMP Golden Group Anniversary event of July 17th 2016

 IFMP launched a Golden Group on May 17th 2015 to address the social and cultural needs of the growing population of the aging Indians in the Greater Princeton area. The idea of the starting a Golden Group was to bring activities and events that are of interests to people in the age group of 55+, provide them with a platform for social, cultural interactions and support network to reach out when in need for help. Some of the founding members of the Golden Group were also the founding members of the original IFMP and many held IFMP executive committee and trustee positions in the past and served the community by furthering the cause and mission of IFMP.


No registration required, RSVP required


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Activities being planned for the Golden Group are:


Get-togethers not only for social interaction – Golden Group ‘socials’ - but also for brainstorming to learn about the requirements and needs of the aging population and how IFMP can help

Organize lectures, discussion groups, seminars, movies on topics of interest – such as ‘Graceful Aging’

Recreational activities, suitable for seniors

Arrange Health camps, free tests


Arrange ‘prevention’ lectures


Helping hands – active seniors to help out ‘inactive’ seniors living alone, with transportation to doctors/supermarkets, etc.


Create a volunteer group to be available for language, spiritual, religious assistance at the hospitals and hospices


IT Training Camps – train seniors in the use of modern electronic gadgets


Co-ordinate with township senior centers to have activities to attract Indian ‘seniors’ to avail of the facilities.






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