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Choreographer Login

Enter Email and Choreographer ID to view and update the Dance Entries .

When Checking Choreographer, if Choreographer ID is not known, enter Email,
click the button for "Check Choreographer" and the information will be emailed to you.

To submit dance entries for the 2018 IFMP Annual Cultural program all Choreographers need to create a new Login ID that comprises of Email ID and a Choreographer ID (assigned by IFMP) and provide choreographer and dance school information.
The Dance entry registration page will appear once you have created your choreographer login and subsequently each time when logging in using Email & Choreographer ID and click on 'Check Choreographer'.

New Choreographer : To Create a new Choreographer Account with IFMP; Email id is required.

Check Choreographer : To Login and go to Dance Entries page; Both Email & Choreographer ID is required. Click "Check Choreographer" if you forgot your Choreographer ID.

Edit Choreographer : To Edit any Choreographer or dance school information, and also to enter the Dance Entries. Both Email & Choreographer ID is required.

To send us your comments, e-mail us @  E-mail: ifmp@ifmpnj.org

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